Polycystic Kidney Disease With Headache

Have you ever have this condition if you happen to be PKD sufferer. Are you suffering from pain if you have? Now, let’s talk about why do PKD patients have headache.

High blood pressure. Most polycystic kidney disease patients suffer from the symptom of high blood pressure. If it is not controlled well, high blood pressure may lead to headache, dizziness or stroke even.

Cerebral aneurysm. Aneurysm in brain is a serious condition and it occurs more frequently with them. Headache is commonly seen with cerebral aneurysm. Once it occur, immediate treatment should be paid in case of aneurysm rupture.

Mental cause. Many patients are told by their local doctor that there is no effective treatment with PKD. Patients will feel stressed and anxious in most cases. The negative mood is an important factor of headache. So, keeping a good mood is vial for them.

What should you do with headache in PKD

-Try to avoid some foods: It shows that certain foods, especially aged cheese, chocolate, nuts, alcohol, processed foods and salty foods, may cause migraines. Therefore, you had better avoid them in your daily life.

-Quit unhealthy habits. Developing a healthy life style is good for your overall health. Quit smoking if you had before. It not only one factor that can cause headache, but also worsen patients’ condition.

-Try to use some Chinese herbs. In most cases, PKD patients will choose some Chinese herbs in China but not western medicines. Because it is well known that Chinese herbs have no side effect to them. If you have interest in Chinese medicine, you can send an email to to get more information.

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