Does Alcohol Good Polycystic Kidney Disease

For ordinary people, moderate amount of alcohol can help decrease the risk of heart disease. However, alcohol can do nothing to delay the growth of kidney cysts. On the contrary, drinking too much alcohol will make the illness condition more serious.How does alcohol affect polycystic kidney disease?

Increase the blood pressure. As a common symptom of PKD, high blood pressure and kidney damage can influence each other. If you are suffering from high blood pressure and drink too much alcohol, this symptom will get more serious.

Kidney damage. Alcohol will affect the balance of nitrogen and stimulate the production of active protein. This will increase the burden to the kidney and the condition may be more serious for PKD patients whose kidney functions have been damaged.

Damage other organs. It’s reported that liquor is the second factor that harms to the health of people. It can cause liver cirrhosis, anemia, dyspepsia and malnutrition. These are the harms that alcohol brings to people and it is impossible to provide a healthy peripheral environment to PKD treatment under this condition.

Through the above analysis, you must have known the answer how does alcohol affect PKD. Considering to your own health, you should balance the overall health and the amount of alcohol you drink well. With more information, email to We are here to help you all the time. Good luck!

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