Diabetes Kidney Disease: Chinese Medicine Treatment

Diabetes Kidney Disease is a very common kidney disease in nowadays, there is a patient named Liu Hua with Type 2 diabetes for 18 years, Diabetes Kidney Disease for 9 years, he calls for review in our hospital.

This male patient is 60 years old now, he has suffered diabetes for 18 years. He tried so many ways and looked for many hospitals over these years, but it’s without any curative effect, so he chose our hospital to have one more chance to have a better life.

Admission test report when he came to our hospital showed that blood pressure 160/80mmHg, no swelling on eyelid. Sugar in urine 1+, protein 3+, occult blood +-, creatinine 657umol/L, BUN 18.2mmol/L.

Our experts diagnosed his condition as Type 2 diabetes, Diabetes Kidney Disease stage 5, renal anemia, renal hypertension, left kidney cysts and left kidney stone.

Considering that he has been treated for diabetes and Diabetes Kidney Disease for so many years, our experts decide to use our characteristic treatments for him to reduce pain and have a much better curative effect.

The most important thing to treat kidney disease is to clean the toxins in the blood, so it’s also called detoxification therapy. The method is totally use the function of Traditional Chinese Medicine to clean the toxin inside renal inherent cells, as well as take advantage of the medicine cleaning the blood toxins, to fulfill the purpose to clean the toxins.

You can see the curative effect through the test report.

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