Zaki Ansari,Diabetes Kidney Disease Patient

Zaki experienced Diabetes for 25 years. But in the late month, the swollen legs along with fatigue form. “I took surgery before coming here because of my decreased vision.” Zaki began, “my urine is full of bubbles and I don’t know why. I just left it alone.” This is far from the end of the story. Swelling closely followed after the foamy urine appeared. “I could not stand, let alone take care of myself.”

The patient was experiencing almost all the symptoms of End-stage Kidney Failure, such as nausea, muscle cramps, and sleep problems etc. “Swelling kept me up at night” Zaki told me. The patient fought with all those disease for years and really tired of it.

First improvement in Zaki was the swelling. After seven days’ treatment, his swelling subsided slowly. The creatinine level had been lowered down after receiving our treatments. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy took good control of his high blood pressure, his spirit became better and better during the treatments.

“The patient began to walk around the lobby every day. Unlike before, he regains more power and is energetic. Now no fatigue or sore legs appear even after the mild activity.” said Zaki’s attending doctor.

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