Diabetes Kidney Disease: Chinese Medicine Treatment

Diabetes Kidney Disease is a very common kidney disease in nowadays, there is a patient named Liu Hua with Type 2 diabetes for 18 years, Diabetes Kidney Disease for 9 years, he calls for review in our ...[Read More]

Chinese Medicines Treat PKD

FATIMA, female, 52 years old. She has suffered from PKD for 24 years, and she has been diagnosed with PKD, 4 stage renal failure in our hospital. Her test show that: creatinine level 2.64, Urea nitroge...[Read More]

Zaki Ansari,Diabetes Kidney Disease Patient

Zaki experienced Diabetes for 25 years. But in the late month, the swollen legs along with fatigue form. I took surgery before coming here because of my decreased vision. Zaki began, my urine is full o...[Read More]

Stage 5 Kidney Disease:Chinese Medicine Save Me

In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, a stage 5 kidney disease patient coming from Papua New Guinea Have chinese medicine, and his name is Tima Kaeyo. The condition before coming into our hospital: ...[Read More]

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