How to Avoid Complications After Kidney Transplant

Some kidney disease patients have received kidney transplant successfully in recent years. But unluckily, some of them will suffer from complications after kidney transplant, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and bleeding. So what works should be done after kidney transplant to avoid these complications naturally?

Diet and nutrition. Kidney Transplant patients are advised to follow a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet following their transplant. If you have high blood pressure, the kidney doctor may ask you to follow a low-sodium diet as well. High potassium can be an issue after transplant, due to side effects of the anti-rejection medications. If this occurs, you will be asked to limit your potassium intake.

Exercise and weight management. An institute has studied out that patients should begin light exercise immediately after transplant. This involves walking and lots of it. Although patients may not be in the best physical shape because of previous kidney failure, they need to push themselves, even if the exercise is tiring. Riding, a stationary bike offers a good source of exercise and can be started several weeks after transplant.

There are many notices you should pay attention to after kidney transplant. Complications can be caused easily because patients are too weak. The latest study has showed that only immediate family members can give the patients healthy kidney, so it is hard to wait kidney source. If you want to know more details about transplant, email to

If you want to avoid kidney transplant, We can recommended to you some natural therapies that can treat kidney problems from root and improve kidney functions effectively. What is more important, those therapies can help kidney failure patients prolong their life expectancy and win a happy life with their rest.

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