Can Kidney Failure Patient Avoid Kidney Transplant

Most kidney failure patients are usually suggested to receive kidney transplant from their doctor. But there are many complications will be caused after doing it. So, can kidney failure patient avoid kidney transplant ?

For Kidney Failure patients, you are usually suggested to limit these five nutrients: sodium, potassium, phosphorus, protein and fluid. Food labels can help identify some appropriate foods. For sodium, look for foods that have a daily value of less than 20 percent per serving eaten. Potassium and phosphorus are not usually listed, but if they are, look for less than 20 percent of the daily value per serving eaten. For protein and fluid, there is no percent you should look for.

A good lifestyle is important to you. Do some proper exercise in daily life and keep a good mood every day. You had better stop smoking if you have this habit before. Ensure your sleep quality at night, and it is the best to have a rest at noon.

The effective therapy is the most important for you to avoid Kidney Transplant with kidney failure. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy are strongly recommended to you. This therapy can help you repair kidney damage from root and improve kidney function effectively. It is an external therapy that can not bring any side effects to the patients. Many kidney disease patients have saved their life with this therapy in our hospital. And kidney transplant has been gotten away form them. Have an interest? Email to

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