Is Kidney Transplant A Radical Treatment For Kidney disease

When the kidneys stop working, the condition is known as “end-stage renal disease”. In this condition, wastes and toxins accumulate in the body and either dialysis or a kidney transplant is required to sustain life.

A kidney transplant is used to place a functioning kidney from a donor into a person whose kidneys no longer function properly. Generally, Kidney Transplant is given high priority by end-stage renal disease. This is kidney transplant patients have less restrictions and a better quality of life than do dialysis patients. And most people feel better and have more energy than they did on dialysis.

Not everyone can have a kidney transplant. If you have an active infection or another life-threatening disease, like cancer or significant heart or lung disease, you are not able to have a kidney transplant.

After you have a kidney transplant, patients need to take mediations for the rest of life. And because these immunosuppressive drugs weaken your immune system, you will have a higher risk for serious infections. You are likely to have a chance that your body will reject your new kidney even if you take these drugs in this case, you have to start dialysis and are more likely to wait for another kidney transplant.

Kidney transplant has the above complexities which make you have an increased risk of starting Dialysis or waiting for another kidney transplant. What’s more, without diet management, symptoms control, kidney transplant alone cannot treat kidney disease radically.

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