Effective Alternatives to Ayurveda for Kidney Failure

some treatments indeed can help you improve your health through increasing your kidney function and repairing a part of damaged kidney cells. For example, if your kidney failure is due to high blood pr...[Read More]

Know About End Stage Kidney Failure

End-stage Kidney Failure is the final stage of kidney disease in which total or almost total kidney functions have been lost and patients will need to rely on kidney replacement therapy, weather dialys...[Read More]

What is The New Therapy for Kidney Failure

Kidney failure refers to partial or complete loss of renal function.As kidneys perform an important function in body,reduced renal function can result in a host of health problems and symptoms like Ane...[Read More]

Why Kidney Failure Patient Have Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are commonly seen in kidney failure. Many patients suffer from this symptom and they are too painful. Sometimes the reactions of nausea and vomiting will be very strong that patient...[Read More]

Kidney Failure with High Blood Pressure

In kidney failure, due to kidneys are damaged, the failed kidneys may secrete too much renin, in this case, patients will experience high blood pressure. Hypertension is a severe sign, if controlled ba...[Read More]

Muscle Cramp in Kidney Failure

Muscle cramp is a common symptom of kidney failure, it is troubling more and more patients. Study shows: the underlying cause of muscle cramp is hypocalcemia. So, why do kidney failure patients experie...[Read More]