Chinese Herbal Medicine for Kidney Failure

As we know, Kidney Failure is incurable at present, so most patients have to rely on dialysis to maintain their life without kidney transplant. However, Dialysis is just a kidney replacement method rat...[Read More]

Can Kidney Failure Patients Have Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a Chinese therapy which has been widely used to deal with different health problem around the work and it helps to improve kidney function in Kidney Failure. Acupuncture can help to impr...[Read More]

Stage 3 Kidney Failure Diet

Due to the difference of illness condition, stage 3 Kidney Failure patients need to make different diet changes. their diet is strictly based on their illness condition. And the followings are the tips...[Read More]

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) With Kidney Failure

Urinary Tract Infection is more common among woman than man because of their special physical structure. With UTI, we will some discomforts which include: Pain and burning feeling when we urinate, Have...[Read More]

Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Failure Life Expectancy

Stage 3 Kidney Failure is the middle stage and there are moderate decline of GFR and moderate kidney damages.When GFR is higher than 50, patient’s life expectancy will not be directly affected by kid...[Read More]

How To Deal With Kidney Failure Cause Men To Be Infertile

With early stage kidney failure, patients will find that their fertility is normal, but gradually severe kidney failure will result in a build up of waste products in the body. Then these waste product...[Read More]