How Chinese Medicine Treat Kidney Failure

Chronic kidney disease is considered as a progressive loss on overall kidney function. When eGFR is below 10ml/min, or patient has serious complications like swelling, vomiting, dizziness, or even short breath etc, dialysis will be adopted even before serum creatinine reaching high level (6.0mg/dl). Here comes the question— is dialysis the only choice?

It is a progression, meaning it takes years from CKD3 to CKD 5. During this procedure, in addition to controlling BP&Sugar, taking nutrients like vitamin and folic acid, there are many things can be done.

Let me explain to you in this way,

Chinese medicine1. Medicated bath. This therapy works on ingredients-exchange through skin. Toxins (creatinine) get discharged out and medical ingredients get into blood capillaries through skin. In general, creatinine can reduce around 30% with medicated bath.

2. Acupuncture and Moxibustion works on adjusting whole body blood circulation, because kidney filtration rate decline is related with insufficient blood supply to kidneys.

3. Oral taken herbal medicine is limited to 30ml to 60ml per day, aiming at adjusting appetite and replenishing nutrients. The stronger your body is, the better your kidney recovery will be.

4. The basic treatment of Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy is the most important therapy that is applied externally on lower back shenshu acupoints. This is a treatment works for repairing kidney damage, and degrading out these redundant extracellular matrix.

This list continues.....

In short, more than Ten traditional Chinese herbal therapies, like Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy, Medicated bath therapy, Medicated Cycle therapy, Acupuncture and Moxbustion therapy, Navel treatment,Medicated feet bath, Oral taken herbal therapy, etc. All these therapies are with years of clinical experience and satisfying curative effect.

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