Can patient with High Creatinine Eat Onion

For people with kidney disease, high creatinine level means a lot of their kidney function has lost. At this situation, what they eat plays an important role in their whole treatment, because eating co...[Read More]

Questions About High Creatinine Level

High Creatinine level is a typical index that help to diagnose kidney disease. However, not everyone with high creatinine level is definitely suffering from kidney disease. For these with slightly high...[Read More]

Creatinine Level is 9.5: How to Avoid Dialysis

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Alternative Method to Lower Creatinine 5.9 Without Dialysis

Creatinine 5.9 means severe renal damage, in this case, reducing High Creatinine level is the primary measure, dialysis is the most commonly used treatment. However, in fact, dialysis really can decrea...[Read More]

Chinese And Western Medicines To Lower High Creatinine

Creatinine level is an important indicator for assessing kidney function, and high creatinine level usually indicate kidney damage. Lowering high creatinine level becomes very urgent so as to stop furt...[Read More]

High Creatinine Levels Mean

High creatinine means that the concentration of creatinine in the blood is higher than the normal range and this condition lasts for quite long time. The normal creatinine for men is 0.7-1.2 and it is ...[Read More]