High Blood Pressure Increase Creatinine Level: How to Deal with

High blood pressure is also called Hypertension which refers to high impact of blood on blood vessels. Measuring creatinine level in blood is a useful and inexpensive method of evaluating renal dysfunction. Serum creatinine level increases when kidney is damaged due to long-term high blood pressure. Creatinine is a waste produced in our body. In normal condition, serum creatinine level is kept in 0.5-1.3mg/dL through kidneys, so kidney plays a crucial role for a normal serum creatinine level. High blood pressure is the second leading cause of Chronic Kidney Failure, so controlling blood pressure in normal range is very essential for prevent kidney problem.

In general, to get elevated creatinine level lowered down effectively, the following measures are necessary:

1. Bring blood pressure under control

Since kidney damages occur due to long-term elevated blood pressure, so bringing blood pressure into normal range will be one of an important part in lowering serum creatinine.

2. Repair injured kidney intrinsic cells to improve kidney function

Healthy kidneys help to discharge excess creatinine in blood, which can explain why serum creatinine is kept in normal range through kidneys. For this reason, repairing injured kidney intrinsic cells to improve kidney function is imperative in lowering creatinine level in blood. As for this point, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be applied to achieve this goal.

3. Arrange a scientific diet

Diet also plays an important part in normalizing creatinine level. With kidney problem caused by high blood pressure, low-protein diet, low-salt diet, low-potassium diet and low-phosphorus diet are necessary.

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