Treatment For Creatinine Level 6.4, Potassium Level 17 In ESRD

High Creatinine indicates substantial renal damages and it means that more than 50% kidney functions have been damaged.

Kidney Failure is the leading cause of high blood potassium because more than 90% potassium is discharged through the kidneys and renal dysfunction will cause building up of potassium in the blood. Excessive potassium can cause fatigue, irregular heart beat and in severe conditions can even threaten the patients’ life.

So we can see that creatinine 6.4 and potassium 17 are very high. Under such illness condition, dialysis will be offered to first bring high creatinine and potassium down or it is very dangerous.Is there any effective treatment that can help lower high creatinine and high potassium?

Usually when creatinine is higher than 8 and creatinine clearance rate (Ccr) is lower than 5, dialysis will be started. However if patients have serious hyperkalaemia (like potassium level of 17) and it can not be well controlled with medicines, dialysis will be offered when creatinine is higher than 6 and Ccr is less than 15.

When high creatinine and blood potassium is lowered after dialysis, patients should seek more effective treatments to repair renal damages which is the root cause of high creatinine and high potassium or the levels will once again increase or become even worse. This is because dialysis is just a passive machine to help clear excessive creatinine, potassium and other metabolic wastes, toxins, water and electrolytes out of the blood. However, the body will continue to produce creatinine, therefore the root way to treat high creatinine and high potassium is to repair renal damages and improve kidney functions so that high creatinine and high potassium can be lowered naturally.

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