Dizziness And Nausea In Dialysis

Dizziness is due to low blood pressure which is one of the most common side effects of Dialysis. There are many reasons of low blood pressure in dialysis and it can be due to too fast ultrafiltration or patient does not adapt to acetate dialysate.

Low blood pressure is also very harmful. It can cause dizziness, fatigue, palenss, headache, loss of appetite and in serious conditions it can cause difficulty in breathing or even faint.

Nausea in dialysis is mainly due to dialysis disequilibrium syndrome which is often very common among dialysis patients. Patients often have nausea, vomiting, restless and in serious conditions they can have tics, coma or even death.

Besides some emergency measures to deal with these side effects and complications of dialysis, proper combination with Chinese medicines can greatly relive dizziness, nausea, vomiting and other side effects. What is more, Chinese medicines can help repair damaged renal tissues and recover kidney functions so as to help patients gradually reduce the frequency of dialysis or even get rid of dialysis if patients have just begun dialysis and there are still some residual kidney functions.

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