Life Span of Diabetes Kidney Disease with Dialysis

When diabetes kidney disease creatinine increased, they may have to do dialysis. So, how long can a patients live after dialysis? Dialysis is a replacement method that can replace kidneys to work, to s...[Read More]

How to Treat Proteinuria in Diabetes Kidney Disease

Diabetes Kidney Disease is a serious complication caused by diabetes. Normally, protein does not appear in urine. The occurrence of proteinuria mainly depends on glomerular filtration of plasma protein...[Read More]

Dehydration and Diabetes Kidney Disease

Patients with diabetes kidney disease sometimes cannot manage the blood glucose in the specified range, resulting in excessive glucose building up in blood. The fluid in tissues will tend to flow into ...[Read More]

Diabetes Kidney Disease: Puffy Eyes and Body Swelling

Most symptoms in the early stage of Diabetes Kidney Disease cannot be detected easily. When you found your puffy eyes and body swelling, a large amount of protein may be leaked from the blood and your ...[Read More]

Diabetes Kidney Disease: Stem Cell Is an Effective Therapy

Most patients would have renal damage as long as the condition of diabetes lasts for more than ten years. If they cannot control blood glucose well, the course would be much shorter. Although physician...[Read More]

Diabetes Kidney Disease: How to Improve the Prognosis

Why does the disease have a poor prognosis? Generally speaking, about 25% Diabetes Kidney Disease patients will develop into end stage renal disease in 6 years, and about 50% patients will develop into...[Read More]