Can Diabetes Kidney Disease Patients Have A Lot of Water

Water is necessary to diabetes kidney disease patients, But due to the excessive fluid, Diabetes Kidney Disease patients will have frequent urination and increased urine volume which will in turn make them drink even more water. This often bothers patients a lot. Even though, patients should not limit water intake or it can cause hemoconcentration and increased plasma osmotic pressure. As a result, excessive sugar, nitrogen-containing wastes can not be discharged efficiently and this will worsen their illness conditions. What is more, the root cause of frequent urination is high blood sugar instead of drinking a lot of water.

As common individuals, average water intake suggested to diabetes kidney disease patients is 2500ml per day. Boiled water or mineral water can be chosen, but sugar content drinks should be restricted. More water is needed after strenuous exercise or during obvious sweating. Soy bean milk is favorable for diabetes kidney disease which accompanied with high blood pressure and high blood lipids. One thing to remember, if you feel extreme thirst, that may be a sign for high blood glucose, and you will be suggested to take care to monitor and control blood sugar carefully.

Different people have different degree of water need. If you live with diabetes kidney disease and have interest in this topic, email to and get an exact amount of water you should intake every day.

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