Edema in Patients with Diabetes Kidney Disease

Diabetes Kidney Disease is caused by diabetes and it is the secondary disease of diabetes. It is reported that diabetes kidney disease is the leading cause of kidney failure. Many symptoms will be caused with this disease, such as high blood pressure, edema, proteinuria, nausea and vomiting. Edema is just one of them.

Why diabetes kidney disease have edema?

When diabetes cause kidney disease, the blood flow of kidneys will reduce and lead to renal parenchyma ischemia or hypoxia, accompanied with the increase of rein secretion. With the function of renin-angiotensin, adrenal cortex will secrete more aldosterone. And this will increase the reabsorption of water and sodium in the renal tubular and retention.

How to deal with edema of diabetes kidney disease

Patients may need to restrict their dietary water consumption to relieve their edema. Diuretics may be prescribed to remove the excess fluid out of the body.

Hot compress therapy can relieve the condition of edema from root. The effective Chinese medicines can repair kidney damage and diseased immune system and improve renal function effectually. In this way, the condition of edema will be relieved and so other symptoms of diabetes kidney disease.

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