The Daily Care of Diabetes Kidney Disease Patients

Explain the dangers of diabetes to the patients and their families, diabetes control by reducing blood sugar can reduce the pathological changes of nephropathy, drug hypoglycemia are mostly Western dru...[Read More]

How Diabtes Damage Your Kidneys

If you have diabetes, you are at an increased risk of developing kidney disease. Kidney disease is also known as renal disease or nephropathy. Your kidneys may be affected within five to 10 years of yo...[Read More]

Can Diabetes Kidney Disease Patients Have A Lot of Water

Water is necessary to diabetes kidney disease patients, But due to the excessive fluid, Diabetes Kidney Disease patients will have frequent urination and increased urine volume which will in turn make ...[Read More]

Can Diabetes Kidney Disease Patients Eat Watermelon

In fact, moderate watermelon is ok. Since the calcium element can prevent the formation of renal bone disease, iron in the fruit can help to relieve anemia. And meanwhile, cellulose and renieratene are...[Read More]

How to Deal with Stage 3 Kidney Failure Due to Diabetes

Stage 3 is a very crucial stage for patients, but the problem is many diabetics do not know they are suffering from kidney problem at all until they have obvious discomforts which always indicate advan...[Read More]

Edema in Patients with Diabetes Kidney Disease

Diabetes Kidney Disease is caused by diabetes and it is the secondary disease of diabetes. It is reported that diabetes kidney disease is the leading cause of kidney failure. Many symptoms will be caus...[Read More]